mike williams flames

This is the new Disco for 2009, just a few shots of the equipment. Based loosely on designs of the period, and heavily updated in terms of technology, this is a truly authentic 70s disco. We also carry a few tracks from the last two decades - a few that is, but we do not follow the charts at all, current or past. We carry NO RAP, NO TECHNO, CLUB,ACID,HOUSE,RAP,FUSION or RAP, just all the great songs you remember. Click on the pictures for a bigger view.
The technical stuff about how this was designed and built can be seen (if you are interested) by clicking on the 'Nerdy stuff' link at the bottom of this page. Just visible (on the garage door) is the liquid wheel image (which is is a whole lot brighter in a venue!). The 1000 Watt amp is sitting on the shelf below the right hand deck and the twin head projector can be seen through the flap at the front of the stand. At the moment the power is limited by the loudpseakers to 300Watts, or so.

20012 Pics taken for The Reading Evening Post ...Ah fame at last

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