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October 2009

First one back and note the crap UV boxes!!! The Pond House pub is just down a long hill from my house. I arranged a 'free' gig there on (my) conditions that I did not upset the resident DJ, and if it all blew up, no matter. At home, under my car-port, it takes no more than 15mins to get all the gear out and set it up. I arrived at the pub and hour early. There were no lights at all - it was in darkness. Eventually I got the deck lights on and, an hour and a half later, I was ready, drenched in sweat, worried to death, but ready. Bang on the intro tune (Mr Bloe, what else ?), fade, talk - or rather mega feedback. Cut, fade into 'Spirit in the sky'. The first live gig I ever did was High Wycombe Town Hall in 1971. I was on first, then the Emperor Rosko, and top of the bill: Tammy Lynn. So, next record, 'I'm gonna run away from you' and attempt to tell that story by way of intro. Howl! Forget it, no mic then. So it all went well in the end, I now have a regular paid gig (every other week) at the pub. The resident DJ has quit and a friend of the landlady's sone does the alternate week playing the current stuff. Best bit is I set up on Saturday afternoon (it's all quite safe), go down in the evening and do my bit, then pick it all up on Sunday morning. The mics are sorted now, so next time...

November 14th/25th 2009

Back at the Pond House. New horn cabs sorted out the top end - this time they kept asking me to turn it down. Bought a 'clip-on' spot to help when setting up - dropped it halfway through so had to rush out and get a new bulb. Mics working fine and managed to find places for a couple of projectors. The oil wheel was much loved. Gig was great, dozens of requests, all met except the one that said 'why don't you....' (not really, I made that up). Headphone amp went ballistic 30 mins from the end: under investigation, and the UV bulbs were useless. I have just finished replacing the bulbs with UV strips....more bookings.

New Years Eve 2009.

Isn't this really what its all about? I was lucky enough to get a gig at a small private club. Unfortunately, Boots ruined my film (yes vynil AND roll film). I have rescued the negs as much as I can, I was really trying to picture the oil wheels I have been making. You can see my laser top right off the Disco, and one of the Tutors too - I used four here plus my trusty twin head. They were a great crowd and it was a long but enjoyable night.

Pond House, Jan 2nd/23rd 2010

...and after a long NYE its back to the pub. On the vertical lights at the front of the photo you can just see the laser projector sitting on a 'support' that telescopes up from the light box. Behind the speaker is one of the now, many, Tutor projectors.As usual mad requests. Who would expect to be asked for Deep Purple, The Wombles, Bon Jovi and Benny Hill ? Mad as a box of frogs and a gig I really look forward too. Last week I was there again, this time I followed Hawkwind with Nat King Cole -it just doesn't get any better than that, except...on my first gig there I played an old soul classic called 'Jungle Fever' by the Chackachas. It brought a few surprised looks and the landlady said it sounded like a Porn soundtrack ( I wouldn't know about that :-) ), anyway, now every gig there, I play out on my theme tune, kill the lights (I have made a remote control so that I can turn on/off all the lights at once (for effect), and then on goes Jungle Fever. They thought it was all over, it is then. Took a couple of driving seat shots, things keep changing.
I have been really busy the past couple of years and have not been here for a long time. Lots more gigs have gone by, here a couple more pics - but I keep forgetting my camera! This was a birthday party for a friend at the most unfriendly venue I have found so far.

The Mansion House - December 2014 and Feb 2015

So then I got called out of retirement and here we go again. This is at the vey end and I was about to pack up. Everybody had left apart from these pretty ladies.

December 2015 ME2 charity

This was for a charity that supoorts childtren with special needs. It went quite well and they raised a lot of money, they told me. I had a great time too! (The small mirror ball was a prize).

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