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The very beginning and the set-up I went to Germany with. On stage at US base in Wildflecken

The final version of the console

The final version of the console

Almost the final version of the console. Note the amp (all homebrew).I bought a 50W amp from somewhere in London and traced the circuit. My version has 4 x 50W modules and a much better front end.

The final version of the console

Wexham Park Hospital, Slough

Tilehurst youth club (Reading) Tony Hodges guesting.

TDD Lee at my wedding reception

Crossing the Belgium frontier in '72 On the way home from Wildflecken

House party '71

The trusty Transit

Latimer - The National Defence College At that point we had 2 X 18" bass bins and 4 cols of 3 X12"

First contract for Spectrum - I now live just around the corner and the hall is now a gardener's shed.

Hotel Excelsior (not Beckenham!)

And it's goodbye from me ....

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