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2 - Bavaria
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3 - Bavaria
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4 - Bavaria
5 - Scheme 1
scheme 2
6 - Scheme 2
7 - Inside 94
inside 2
8 - Inside 94
old celle 1
9-Celle 1
old celle2
10 - Celle 2
old celle 3
11 - Celle 3
12 - Room view
13 - The Park
14 - Christmas
15 - A pit
16 - Libya
17 - Chess
18 - Chopper wash
19 - The NAAFI
(Chopper wash)
20 - Morocco

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1 - 4 Bavaria
We went to Bavaria for ski training and winter warfare. When we arrived the tents were pitched in the deep snow of picture 1. We then had to get into the tents and clear the snow out. There was trouble getting the cook house going so we were given a raw ration and told to be creative. So it was that I ate raw chicken. ( Later we went to a German pub and had a good meal). We ski-ed right around the lake that you see and right up to the top of those mountains too. Coming back down was much better.
5/6 The Scheme
This was a major scheme that took place with the Germans, Dutch and Belgians. We needed locations like this so that the Radars had a clear line to the roads. A lot of training was spent working out car speeds as they went along the road you can see in photo 5. It was on that scheme that my old mate Sergeant Jack Owens sent me out into the woods beause he thought the Belgian SAS ( hard as chocolate), were out there. Off I went -I found nothing. Off he goes. We found him tied to a tree the next morning.
7/8/12 Inside 94
Head down, do yer bird. Oops no, different place. This is what the inside of the barracks in Celle looked like. I think it needs a make-over. We used to roller skate up and down these corridors that ran the full length of the building.
9 - 11 Celle
This was the 60's and Germany loved Carnaby Street and all that. The local department store was runing a promotion based on Merre Olde England. I think it might well have been 1966 - a good year for us as I recall. We beat them for the third time.
13 In the Park
Fab and groovy.
14 Christmas
We had all got drunk, and this was the sad result. On vocals ( mic waving in the air), on the right is Taff Lloyd. At the left you can just see fellow Londoner Kev Henry, and with his back to us in the middle, who is that guy ?
15 The pit
So I can't remember his name but I do remember him, and he was a laugh. Maybe not on Boxing day, after the amount we drank the night before though. I think he was Dave something .... ?
16 The pit
The only photo I think I have from Libya. Me, about to take off on the death slide. Well, you only get one go at it
17 Chess
Work hard, play hard. That was us. Here we are in Graffenwhor (down south near Frankfurt), on exercise with the Americans, realxing. The guy on the left was a para L/Cpl. Each year we had to take a fitness test and the best way was to pick somebody and stick with them. I picked him ! Did my best time ever - 10 mile march in full kit, assault course carrying your partner, then a minimum score required on the rifle range. With him, one hour fifty minutes, and I reckon he would have knocked off another thirty minutes on his own. The chap in the middle ( snowy), was also in our room. He was a bit eccentric, but ok was snowy.
18 Chopper washing.
This was in Gib. Only in the forces could you see this
Its him again ( with the glasses). In the middle is Ticker Reid, another good bloke. This shows him when he was happy. On ( in ?) the other hand this may be as photo 18, 'chopper washing'.
20 Morocco
The guy sitting just inside the Land Rover is George Stephenson, another Scot like 'Ticker'. Next to George is a REME L/Cpl. How did he get to come along ?


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