My Top 100 Records
Apple atco atlantic bell capitol charisma ua
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emi It was difficult choosing the forty records for my 1960's page, but tracking down all those singles covers was fun to do. These pages list my favourite 100 records (not withstanding those on My 1960's). I haven't put them in any kind of order, except the first one. I have split them over five pages to make each page easier to view. In addition, every cover has a link to the artiste's web-site or a suitable link if I could not find one.

Some of my favourite artistes get more than one mention and I could easily have includes a dozen or so tracks from each of them alone. These are just a few of the many record labels that covered them, but how many do you remember ?
harvest mh movie island
rca stax tamla rak uni wax polydor

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