I don't have a wide variety of interests, no different I imagine to many people. I like to read, thrillers mainly, especially Brendan Du Bois and lately Robert Ludlum and Tom Clancy. I used to buy everything that Clive Cussler wrote until I saw that the formula is always the same and I have read most of Stephen King ( wasn't 'Cell' excellent), and Shaun Hutson. Bill Bryson is always welcome. I have read all of James Follets books and quite a few of Ken Follet's ( very different to James), too.

I also enjoy writing as my short stories show - no particular subject. I have written three full length books, now consigned to the loft, but you never know.

The Workshop

The Workshop

Commodre VIC 20

BBC model B

My study

Above are a few pictures that illustrate some of my interests - click on them to enlarge. Not much room for a car in there. This is where I build odds and ends from time to time. Meanwhile, back in the study I sit and write and code and do that kind of stuff. Why four computers now ? They all serve a purpose, the latest machine being a bit of a beast - under the desk on the left. Behind it is an old 233MHz P1, but I keep it because it is slow enough to run an EPROM prgrammer I use from time to time.

Before I studied for my degree ( five years locked in the study), I used to fish now and then and I even got in the odd bit of golf ( and my golf is most odd). As soon as I put the desk in at the start of my studies, I wanted a hutch at the back. I've just built it - well it took some planning.

I had a deal with my wife that all the time I was studying there would be no DIY. Well the studies are over for now so the workshop is seeing a lot more of paint tins that it is of me and a soldering iron.

I have always liked to travel, again as is evidenced in My Travels. I have been lucky that a lot of my travels were paid for by my employer, but there are still a few places I hope to see; mainly China and Japan.

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