The Cars (two scooters, and a Van)

Although I have pictures of most cars I have owned, I don't have them all. These five are from the Web so no large pictures, but they are the exact models I had, once upon a time. If anybody recognizes their car here, I hope you don't mind, and if you do, tell me and I will remove it (or publish an acknowledgement if preferred).

Lambretta LD 150
Wolseley 15/60
Escort Mk1
Cortina Mk 1

My first transport with an engine. I was just 16 and had £20 that my nan had saved for me. I found this, and in 1965 the Police were to obeyed, so I pushed it five miles home because I had no tax, insurance or licence. Street cred was around -1.

After the two scooters, this was my first car. Lots of wood and leather. I drove it to Germany and back, and again when I toured as a DeeJay in 1971. Sold to a scrap yard because I thought it was finished, and saw it around High Wycombe for months after that. I know what bad tappets sound like now....

I had lots of these as a TV engineer, but then I made it to Manager and the heights of being able to choose a car that was not white......

.....and I ended up with this. Water pump failed on its first day. Enough said really.

I actually had the estate version of this (for the Disco). I was at work one day when two men tried to drive it off. It turned out they were bailiffs and the chap who sold it to me had done a runner after going bust. Luckily, they let me keep it.

You can click on any image for a large picture.
Lambretta TV175

This was the second scooter I owned. Metallic blue, covered in chrome, ah I must go and watch Quadrophenia all over again.Summer 1965 and I was on my way back from Pride and Clarks ( Scooter Mecca in South London) with a newly purchased chrome front rack. As I rode through Dalston I knocked a girl over, on a crossing. A scruffy man rushed up and said he was an off duty policeman. He had no ID so I said  "Okay then, if you're a policeman lets go down the station". We did. He was. Doh! This photo was taken in the woods near Celle during my time in The Army.


I swapped my Cortina Estate for this. As far as an anecdote goes. weeeell, after one gig we were driving along the Staines bypass and all the two girls we were giving a lift to could say was "I wanna look aht the windah". So we stopped and let them out. On the bypass. Ah well, it was funny at the time. Checkout The Mike Williams Roadshow for more about the Van.

Cortina Mk3

One day I arrived home, soaked to the skin, looking very miserable, and with the gearstick in my hand. My wife burst out laughing. My neighbour who luckily was a mechanic, came back to the car with me, pushed the gearstick back in, and I drove home. It was a common problem with the Mk3 and on mine we fixed it for good with a bit of plumber's Boss White around the thread.

Cortina Mk5

This was a company car. On the day it arrived I asked my son not to ride his bike in between the car and the fence. He did - one big scratch down the side. I touched it in very badly then complained about the state of the paintwork. It was taken back and re-sprayed. Sorry Ford, but  I really liked that car. It only had to go because I was working at Austin Rover in Cowley and they would not let me in, driving a Ford. Since I was on call to fix the computers ( which when broken stopped production), this was very silly.

Maestro VDP

So I ended up with this, a talking car! I liked the MG version  so much that I had an MG spoiler fitted to the back ( it was a Vanden Plastic model). One week end all it said was "warning - low oil pressure!. Drove me mad. On Monday the oil pressure sensor was changed which fixed it. I watched the guys spend one night swapping the speech units from car to car because they all spoke the wrong language. I didn't have the heart to tell then there was a switch on the side to sellect what you wanted. Ah, British Leyland.

Citroen BX19 GTi

Another company car.The TV ad at the time made me really want one. The radio crackled like mad. I took it to the dealer who said "Well, its got a plastic bonnet and a crap aerial." Can't beat  that old legendary Gallic service. A friend of mine was leaving the company so I swapped with him for his three year old Sierra. The Cirtroen went in the car pool. He left. Because 'my' car was three years old I had to have a new one, but I got promoted and it was time for the first Mercedes.


Not really my car, but the wife's. She had an Austin 1100 to beging with, but then she got this which we kept from new for two years, right up to its free 600 mile service ( she didn't do a lot of driving), when we traded it in for the Metro MG......

Metro MG

.....and this is the Metro MG. I really liked this car. Good fun to drive. We kept it for a few years until my wife decided she did not want to drive any more.

190E -1

My first Mercedes (company car). I took my oldest son fishing one day. When I went to pick him up the rain had filled a deep hollow in the ground, a very deep hollow. I drove in and the car floated off. The water began to rise ( the rain was pouring down). When the water covered the bonnet I panicked and turned the key. It started, and I reversed out with the wheels going like paddles until they hit the ground. The U190E, can't beat it. Oh yes, and just a tiny bit of water in one footwell.


Well I always wanted a Jag, and I got one. What a mistake ! I kept it for six months and then got rid of it. Nice car to be driven in, but not to drive, not when you have sat all day at the roadside for a recovery truck because the water pump has failed, and then find out the pump manufacturer has gone bust and you can't get a water pump. So it had to go. There will bne a later page on how to fix these things.

190E -2

Back to the 190E. I bought this with a 115000 on the clock, but can you tell, no way! 190s go on forever (and this one is still going). Just another great car that never let me down. But I wanted something faster. If they still made them I would buy one now.

190E -3

This was something faster. A manual 2.6 190E with air-con (quite rare) and only 25k on the clock when I bought it. I wish I still had it but I cannot afford to run two Mercedes, and in the end, it went too. I did get rear ended at 60mph in it, hit so hard that I totalled a Volvo that was in front of me, but the car was rebuilt and its fine now. Me ? I have a permanent whiplash injury.

Mercedes E240

So the last 190e went, for this, my current ride. Fabulous. Oh yes, its had the a front wing repair, then two new front wings, a boot lid and one door, and one whole side. Why ? Rust. It was two years old when I bought it. Mercedes lost the plot with this model, but I see they are back on form now. Still a lovely car to drive.

Mercedes C180

Mercedes C180 Mercedes C180 Mercedes C180

I at last retired on 3rd April 2013 - my 65th birthday,and my present was this. It is, as they say, more or less fully loaded with a list of extras as long as your arm. Since the pic was taken the radio has been upgraded to full command on-line.


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