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1 - It was nippy
2 - very nippy
3 - Cheers
4 - Three Kings
5 - Charles River
6 - My car
7 - David's house
8 - Me
9 - Downtown
10 - Duck tour
11 - USS Consitution
12 - Us again
13 - Quincy Market
14 - Boston view
15 - Boston view

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1/2 Yes, it was a tad chilly
The worst winter for a long time or so the TV said, and advised against going outside at all. Two problems with this - this was my second visit to the USA, and I am British ya know. I had arranged to go ski-ing, but the wind chill factor was -30 and my friends wouldn't go, so instead I went for a stroll (needed a jumper). The guard on the USS Consitution let me on board to tour but would not leave his (heated) sentry box. These photos were taken from my Hotel window. Despite all this snow, traffic moved freely.
3 Cheers
Nobody knew my name ! If you go to Boston DO NOT go to Cheers - it is nothing like the TV set, and they won't know you either.
4 Three Kings
Well, in the US they had a set-top TV system ( mainly used in Hospitals). The very big UK Media company we worked for ( no names, but eh up chuck, 'appen tha can guess ?), said that it could not be converted to a UK system in three months ( that was my job on the team). It was. 'The management' then decide that there was no real future in set-top boxes and pulled out.........David Bearisto in on the left and Walldemar Andrejasko is in the middle.
5 Charles River
Its behind me there. Its wet, and used to be full of tea.
6 My Car
This is what I hired for this trip. By then I had been to the US many, many times so I do not remember which time this was, but it was more fun than in the winter.
7 David's House
My good friend David used to live in New Hampshire, in this house that he and his wife designed.
8 Me
So its me again. Posing.
9 Downtown
This is someplace in the centre - looks like the back of Quincy Market, I think.
10 Duck Tour
I couldn't get a booking as these sell out very quickly. the Duck is the DKW landing craft that is used to tour the city, going across the Charles River during the tour.
11/12 USS Constitution
This is an old Ship that they are quite proud off. Think 'Victory with no deigos, or Nelson, and fried chicken' and you get close. Nice boat though. When I first toured this ship it was the winter of photo 1. A US Marine was in a heated sentry box to guard the shio. He said we could go ahead but he was staying put, in his warm box.
13 Quincy Market.
That building behind me is quite long. It is filled, right through with fast food outlets, you name it, its in there. Yum.
14/15 Boston Views
We three took the elevator ride up the Hanncock Tower. Now this is a very fast lift so my friends said "quick, llay on the floor". The look on the faces of the people waiting when the doors opened was worth the ticket alone. Oh yes, I took these photos while I was up there.


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