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Cabo San Lucas

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1 - The Hotel
2 - The Pool
3 - Beach
4 - Cabo Marina
5 - The Church
6 - Back Streets
7 - Back Streets
8 - Back Streets
9 - Back Streets
10 - Main Street
11 - Old School friend
12 - Old School friend
13 - Land's End
14 - City Hall
15 - Marlin Boat
16 - Land's End
17 - Land's End
18 - Land's End
19 - Land's End
20 - Lans's End

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1 - 3 The Hotel
Cabo Can Lucas is on the very tip of the California Baja, indeed, it is named Land's End, and a couple of 'B' films have been made there. This is where I stayed for a night or two and the beach is that of the hotel. The locals are not allowed onto the beach here. You might make out some bushes at far left - a family livein these bushes.
4 The Marina
Only 'Americans' (and this here Brit) are allowed into the Marina. Here you get a break from the endless stream of kids trying to sell sweets at 5 cents a time. I was reminded that the camera I was useing cost more than most locals earn in a year, and that brings you back to earth just a bit.
5 A Church
The people I saw were very poor, yet their churches as always, were very grand, and this one is typical. I found Cabo to be just like Spain in the late 1960's. There are plots of land laid out everywhere for new hotels, which are springing up at the Mexican work rate (not too fast). I found corruption everywhere - I even haggled an exchange rate in the Bank and a bus fare, and I found the cooking to be the worse, the very worse, that I have ever tasted. Did I like Cabo ? No, not a lot.
6 - 10 The real Cabo
Behind the glossy facade with the Marina and the Hollywood burger bar, the Casinos and the magnificent Golf courses, there is the real Cabo. This is where the people live, very poorly it seems and where everything (everything was stressed to me at one point), has a price.
11 - 12 Old pals
Not my old pals but it turned out (by coincidence) that the guy I went to Cabo with ( seated on my right in photo 12) went to school with the guy seated on his right. Small world. It turns out that the school chum had moved down to cabo and opened the small Hotel you see us in. There was another English guy there who returns every year. He saves like mad for his two weeks there because Cabo is the Marlin fishing Capitol of the world. At the airport one guy was talking about an 800lb fish he had landed. Must need a lot of chips.
15 - 20
Land's End
By taking a water taxi ( a small boat) from the marina, this amazing beach can be reached. It is called Land's End and is where the Pacific meets the Atlantic. Photos 13,18,19 are of the Atlantic whilst the others are the Pacific. There was a film on TV recently called Land's End, and I turned it on, exepecting to see Cornwall, but it was in fact, shot here, in Cabo.


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