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Grand Canyon

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1 - El Tovar
2 - El Tovar
on the edge
3 - El Tovar
on the steps
4 - El Tovar
front lounge
5 - El Tovar
6 - Canyon view
7 - Canyon view
8 - Canyon view
9 - Canyon view
10 - Canyon view
11 - Canyon view
12 - Canyon view
13 - Its a long
way down
14 - Canyon view
15 - Canyon view
16 - Me again
17 - Canyon view
18 - Indian tower
19 - Canyon view
20 - Me, Bruce
and Maren

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1 - 5 El Tovar
There are many Lodges to stay at when visting the Canyon. The oldest and grandest of them all is El Tovar, and it was here that my friends Bruce and Maren had booked us all in for the night. You can see in photo 2 just how close to the edge it is situated, and from my window at the back I could see straight into the Canyon, or rather I could have....
6 - 9 Dawn
... because when we arrived it was a whiteout and you could see nothing, nothing at all. I said to my friends who were assuring me what was to come, yeah okay, but you really have to see Cheddar Gorge back in England ( I wonder how many people who overheard actually went). At sunrise ( which you see here) I could hear all these people running past my window. I ran out too, to see this.
11 - 15 Suns up
As the sun rose the Canyon just got more amazing. We stood in the snow looking down into the baking hot valley, and the Colorado. There is no better time to see the Canyon than this. In photo 13 I have stepped over the 'WARNING LOOSE ROCKS. DO NOT CROSS' barrier to get the picture. Behind me it goes all the way down in a dead drop, but hey, its a good shot.
18 The Watchtower
Curiously, the tower was built by Indians. Nobody is really sure why, or what is was for (watching what ?). Now, there is a souvenir shop inside so in a way I guess it is an early example of an Indian corner shop.
16 - 20 Around the rim
For photo 16 I had to balance the camera on a rock and let it take the shot. This was more fun than the windy outcrop in photo 13 because of the added slippery snow. Ah, the lengths we go to for a good picture.Finally, in photo 20 its me Bruce and Maren once more.

Route 66
We also stopped a night at Flagstaff which is about 20mins from the canyon. Route 66 runs through Flag (as it is called locally), no doubt on its way to Winslow Arizona where The Eagles are still waiting on the corner. I got to drive the bit that runs through Flag, so that's another thing done - getting your kicks on Route 66.


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