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My first trip abroad (flying with RAF Airlines out of Lyneham in Wiltshire) was to Hannover, and then on to my Regiment at Celle. I found the German people then (as now), friendly and hospitable, and I like the country, especially the south. I have travelled north to Hamburg and Lubeck and south to Cologne (Koln), Frankfurt, Munich and Bavaria, and I have driven from the Swiss border to the north and from Calais across to Hannover, many times. It is no coincidence that I chose to learn German at night school - although the maddest places I used it were in a Chinese Restuarant in Milan where it was the only language we (the Chinese) and I both spoke, and in Mexico ! I do not have many pictures from my earlier days in Germany, but here are a few from later trips I made.
Germany is easy to drive in, but they do drive fast on those autobahns - very fast. The equivalent of a British Pub is a Gasthause and you will always be able to find a comfortable room at a good price. The one I have pictured is typical, but they are nearly all as picturesque and well worth a visit. 'Take away' food is as common in Germany as anywhere else and if you must find the Golden Arches, you can be sure they are there, as picture 16 from Baden shows. Standard fast food is the Bockwurst and the Bratwurst, both sausage, but the Bock is boiled and the Brat is fried ( I prefer the Brat). They are often served mit kartoffel salat ( potato salad). Chicken and Schnitzel (Veal or Venison) in breadcrumbs mit pomme frittes (chips), is also common, and very nice too. And then there is the beer. If you like lager you will love Germany. Many monastaries (there is a famous one in the hills outside Franfurt) have their own breweries and brew a fearsome ale, so be warned, but be sure to try it.

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1/2 Lubeck
Lubeck is at the very North of Germany. I went up there on leave once - loaded my scooter with as much as I could and set off. At Lubeck I found a field to camp in and spent a week doing just that. At that time I spoke no German at all so I have no idea what I bought and cooked up in my Army mess tins( over an open fire), but it tasted ok. These pictures are more recent and are not mine by the way.
3/4/5 Hamburg
I only just made it to Germany having just turned 17 and a half, the minimum age required by the Army to go overseas. One weekend we set out for Hamburg in a friend's Simca. The Beatles were not at the Star Club when we visited but it must have been very close to the time that they played there. We entered a club on the Reeperbahn and scantily clad young ladies joined us and said not to vorry, it vas all on ze 'ouse. We were kids, we believed them. Then the bill came and no way could we pay it, but the bar was right by the door and that is where we had to pay. We sauntered over to the bar, and then made a run for it, two bouncers chasing us. We managed to lose them at the funfair and reached the car - but it would not start ( and we were cra***g ourselves). A nice German push started us by pressing his bumper to ours and off we went, all the way back to Celle with no lights. Nice place, that Hamburg.
6/7/8/9 Hannover
This is Hannover, my first sight of anywhere outside England. I was driving (my Wolseley) in Hannover when I was pulled over by the Police. My friend handled them and they went away happy having complimented him on his German - and since he was German I should think so too.
10 Frankfurt
This is a typical Gasthause - this one was in a village called Oberweissenbrunn, in the south of Germany. The link will take you to its own web pages, but they are in German (cunning eh ?).
11/12 Cologne
I stayed a couple of nights in Koln. It is the only city from which I have ever returned a meal and ordered something different. I asked for a traditional German meal - don't try the dumplings but the sauerkraut is fine. German pastries are to die for, if that is your thing (and it is mine).
13 Cologne
About 30 miles outside Koln I found this village, again so typical, but very picturesque.
14/15 Frankfurt
This is Frankfurt, or as much as can be shown in two pictures. It spans traditional to modern and is a lively city. I had to make a mad dash here once to buy some of the records I was being asked for, but did not have.
16/17/18 Baden
I also stayed in Baden. Where else but Germany can you find a town almost medieval and keen to preserve its heritage, building a McDonalds in an original timbered house ?
19/20 Munich
Munich is another wonderful city. There is a 5000 seat beer graden there that you must not miss. I was there with some Germans ( there are a lot of them in Munich), and when asked what I wanted to eat I replied, "Fish". They would not allow that and I ended up with Jaegerplatter, which is a LOT of meat - and goes well with a LOT of lager.
I have been back to Germany a few times since I was posted there in 1965. The North is a bit boring to drive but the South is fabulous. These links may help you to find out more about Germany :
German tourism(UK)
Germany - CIA
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