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1 - The Houghton's Cabin
2 - Bruce and Me
3 - Another hire car
4 - Cabin View
5 - Spruce Head View
6 - Lobster landing
7 - Top of Mt Battie
8 - Camden
9 - Camden
10 - The Waterfront
11 - Lighthouse
12 - Lighthouse
13 - Bar Harbor view 1
14 - Bar Harbor view 2
15 - Bar Harbor
16 - Mt Cadillac
17 - Me, on Mt Cadillac
18 - Frenchman's creek
19 - To the Whale watching
20 - Watching a Whale

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1 The Cabin
I 'met' Bruce and Maren Houghton by chance when I went to the USA for the first time, to San Francisco . I never expected to return, let alone to make the number of visits that I have. Bruce (who has now sadly passed on) and Maren always made me welcome and showed me much of Maine ( and Arizona) that the tourist will not see, and I thank them always. This log cabin arrived on a trailer, and Bruce and his sons built it.
2 Inside the cabin
This was taken on my first visit to New England. The cabin is located at Spruce Head, Maine. There are two others next door, both of which can be rented from Maren.
3 Another hire car
A remarkable vehicle in so much as I cannot remember what it was
4 Cabin View
A view out over Spruce head, takne from the log cabin but looking out over the top of another of Maren's rental cabins. You won;t find a better view
5/6 Spruce Head
I just wandered round the bay from the cabins to take this shot. The best Lobster in the world comes right off this quay, then into Maren's pot, to be eaten with a head or two of fresh corn.
7 Mount Battie
If you take a tour coach you may never find my best secret of New England. This is Mount Battie, looking down over Camden, and Camden alone makes the whole trip worth it.
8/9 Mount Battie
Camden is a harbor, as are most coastal NE towns, but Camden is special - it is the home of The Waterfront. The town itself is a bit touristy - it is on the main road North, but is also has a kind of charm that will make you want to return.
10 The Waterfront
No Michelin stars here, just the best location in the USA, a great place to sit and drink and eat. On the left is Bruce's son, Wick, then me, Bruce and Maren. We had many great lunches here.
11/12 A lighthouse
This one is just a few miles from Spruce Head. We took a cool box, some beers and sandwiches. It sure as hell beats queuing for a Big Mac in some smokey city.
13 - 20 Another secret - Bar Harbor
Drive north a couple of hours from Spruce Head and you reach Canada, but before you do you pass Bar Harbor, and its another great place to visit. I once had a meeting in Knoxville Tn, and the chap I met there said he planned to retire to Bar Harbor. Its just a magical place. ( The 'chap' was a VP in Magnavox so I guess he could afford to retire there ). Yet another hire car too !
16/17 Mount Cadillac
This is the place where the rising sun first hits US soil - the summit of Mt Cadillac. In my web pages you may notice I am often standing on top of high mountains. Its the view, you see.
18 Frenchman's creek
So named because some French pirate took refuge here - its all on that plaque behind me. The string of islands that you can just see make fabulous exploring for 'boaty' people.
19/20 Whale watching
On my last visit here, I decided to go. They said to take warm clothes - I didn't. If you get to go, TAKE WARM CLOTHES. The photo does not convey the size of the Whales or how close we were to them. There were lots of Whales and although it was cold, it was a great experience.


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