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Knoxville Tn
1 - Flying in
2 - A Hotel view
6 - The settlement
7 - A log cabin
3 - Valley Forge
4 - Valley Forge
5 - Me at Valley Forge
8 -My suite (sweet)
9 - Yep, my suite
10 - Downtown
New York - you lookin' at me ?
11 - Downtown NY
12 - Gee, a cab
13 - Empire State Bldg
14 - Into Manhattan
15 - Statue of Liberty
St Paul - Minnessota
16 - Mall of America
17 - Pretty trees
18 - My Hotel
19 - Town centre
20-Rush hour

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1/2/6/7 Knoxville TN
I visited here a few times for meetings with Magnavox (aka Philips). I remember great steaks at The Butchers shop, where customers all stand around a big (very big) brick barbeque and cook their steaks ( chosen from chill cabinets) whilst the waitresses supply never ending cold beer, and after a while, who cares what it tastes like ? The orginal settlement is proudly preserved and I got my own private tour (because I was the only tourist that week). I also got to visit the Smokey Mountains. The reason there are no photos is that it was night. Oh well, can't win 'em all.
3-5 and 8-10 Philadelphia
I stayed at the Hilton this time, and bagged a whole suite. Very nice indeed. Valley Forge is all about George Washington and some important battle that took place. I do believe that we ( Brits) came second that time, but hey, we fought well.
11 - 15 New York
I had a couple of hours to go before my flight home and a New York ( part time) fireman as a guide. Some of my photos (Wall Street) did not come out at all, but these five are the short NY tour. Been there, done that. Next. Oh, by the way, we went to the bridge that features in Saturday Night Fever.
16 Mall of America
The biggest Mall in the US of A, and yes, it is quite large. Here you can see the roller coaster and the big wheel. The roller coaster takes about ten minutes to go around its circuit - and this play area is set in the middle of the Mall; all the shops are around it. Why, its even bigger than Tesco's !
17 Trees
No, its not Christmas but those wacky folk in Minnessota do like to hang lights from the trees. Maybe its a kind of symbolism to the days when they could hang outlaws. Dunno, but it looks nice and helps use up some global resource.
18 My Hotel
Behind those trees lies my Hotel, The Hotel St Paul, which is a clever name play on the fact that it is, located in St Paul.
19 Town centre
Well its a bustling metropolis thats for sure and you can see why a huge Mall is needed so close by.
20 Rush Hour
At great personal risk, here I stand on the sidewalk in rush hour. I have to keep a careful eye on the traffic as well as be on my guard for the rush of commuters. This is the USA - life in the fastlane, one mad rush to earn a Buck, yet here I stand, an Englishman abroad. They do say that only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the St Paul Sun. I can vouch for that (woof).


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