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Italian border
Stockholm 1
Stockholm 2
11-Hotel Atlantico
12-Hotel Atlantico
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Amsterdam 1
19-De Meern
Amsterdam 2
20-De Meern
I have visited most of these cities on a few occasions, although Portugal only once because this was where I wenr on honeymoon and my job has never taken me back. I have driven around most of Europe, and I went to Libya whilst in the Army.

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I went to Libya in 1967; it was a major exercise (see my Army section too). We flew to RAF El Adem (Tobruk) and from there we drove out into the desert. We did not take the Radars and so Robert Troop became the 'rebels', and we spent our time attacking the main camp. It was here I learned to swim at long last. As a non-swimmer I was given a rifle and had to sit on a cliff on shark patrol ( could I have hit one without hitting my favourite sergeant ?). Anyway, I got fed up with that and so I jumped in and the water was so salty I soon was able to float and then, at last, to swim. One day the water ran out and so we were ordered to rest in our tents until the water bowser returned. It took most of the day ( we were never in any danger), but as the bowser returned, the driver tipped it over. We managed to salvage enough for a brew, and off it went again for a re-fill.
be flag
I first drove across Belgium on my Scooter, on my way to Hannover. In 1990 I drove the same roads in my company Mercedes - it was an odd feeling, but a lot more comfortable. The chocolate is nice. I was nearly broke and I stopped at a roadside cafe - a bit like a transport cafe really, and told 'the madame' how much I had left. She served up a magnificent hot stew ( it was snowing and winter and I was on the scooter). Now I go to Adinkerke (30 mins from Calais) for cigarettes and booze.
It flag
I had driven through the South of France, across the bridge in photo 3 and on to the Swiss border, on the Easter week-end, the week before the borders were opened in Europe. The Italians said I could not leave Italy at the Swiss border, but must go back around France and enter that way. I tried another crossing and got the same answer, because I had a Carnet which was a document for the computer equipment I carried, and was therefore business. One border point left, so I went there, but this time said I was a tourist, and finally got into Switzerland. I had left Milan some sixty miles away at 9 am. I reached my hotel in Switzerland at 7pm. A year later I got a customs demand for a silly (large) amount. Didn't think much of the Pizzas either.
se flag
I got to visit Stockholm twice, and it was here two things happened. I ate my very first McDonalds, really. Second, I ate raw Reindeer ( sort of Rudolf Tartare, done in balls). It was very nice. The old city is really nice and I spent a day wandering around it, but business got in the way again. I was struck my the number of auburn haired ladies when I expected every other girl to be a blonde.
lux flag
When I rode my Scooter to Germany for the first time I decided to see how many countries I could hit, and so I passed through Luxembourg that one and only time, for a stamp on my passport.
aus flag
The photo shows the Schonbrunn Palace ( which I toured).I went to Vienna in 1967 because a girlfriend was working there as an au pair. I went by train which was bitterly cold, and at some point the guard came along but I could not understand him. When we reached Vienna I discovered he had moved everybody to First Class because the heaters had failed, everybody except the mad Englishman who stayed put. In Vienna I saw La Boheme and Swan Lake and a few concerts, walked along the the banks of the Danube and just spent two weeks cramming in a bit of culture. I also took some of the best photos I had ever taken. I sent the photos to another girl but she never sent them back. Mind you, she never wrote again either.
po flag
I spent my honeymoon in Portugal, it was a place my wife had always wanted to visit, and we stayed at the Hotel Atlantico in Estoril. We were both amazed ( then) at the Orange groves in Cascais, a small village just along the coast. I won about £30 in the Casino which was enough to keep us going on our last day. Lisbon we remember as smelly as the locals sat in their doorways gutting fish
ire flag
My first rip to Irleand was for work, and I had to visit town just south of Dublin. I went back a few more times after that and found the people and the country very warm and friendly, and the Dublin Bay crab claws amazing. A couple of years ago my eldest son treated my wife and I to a stay in Dublin and although expensive, we both enjoyed it. So will you.
flag ne
I have visited Amsterdam many times, although I can never find Anne Frank's house - I always end up on Canal Street. Amsterdam is a nice city and the Dutch are a nice people too. My offices were in De Meern at that time, which is a bit outside the city - Peacocks roamed the gardens and sometimes wandered into the building. Most odd. The pictures of the canal and the cherry blossoms were taken just outside the office - well look, somebody has to do the job. Pork skewers in peanut butter, there's the thing to eat in Holland.


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