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1 - Arrival
2 - Mick the mod rides again
3 - Quiet streets
4 - What fish ?
5 - Skyline trash
6 - Provincetown 1
7 - Provincetown 2
8 - Provincetown 3
9 - Marconi Point
10 - A lighthouse
11 - Provincetown 4
12 - Provincetown 5
13 - Hmm, bikers
14 - This was the bait
15 - Same lighthouse
16 - Plimoth 1
17 - Plimoth 2
18 - Working the fields
19 - Plimoth 3
20 - Mayflower replica

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1 Arrival
This is as the ferry drew into harbour at Martha's Vineyard. In London there is a place named 'St John's Wood'. I went there once. There is no wood and it does not belong to Saint John. I never met Martha either, and I did not find a vineyard, but I did find Amity - dun dun dun dun dun dun...
2 Mick the Mod is back
Like riding a scooter really, once you learn you never forget (well eventually). Once I got the hang of it, what a great way to get around the Island - and will you just look at those biker things in photo 13!
3 Quiet Streets
Yep, they were. Quiet and neat and real purty too.
4 What fish ?
The very creek that the Big White swam up in the film. What ? Eh ? Its behind me ? Shaddap and take the photo. On no, not again, dun dun dun dun dun dun...
5 Skyline Trash
What can I say ? A quiet and exlusive place like Martha's Vineyard, and they go and do this to the view. What happened to the zoning laws ?
6/7/8/11/12 Provincetown
I always used to take the 2010 hrs flight out Boston, so I could spend a day in Boston before going home. One time I had rented a 5.0 Mustang so I set off to Cape Cod instead. Provincetown is at the tip of the cape. It has a large artist community and also has the second biggest (to San Francisco), gay community in the USA. I went back again a few years later and it was well worth the drive. If you ask directions you will be told about the 'gyratory' as you reach the cape. Relax, its a roundabout, and you don't see a lot of them in the USA.
9 Marconi Point
This is on the cape and it is where Marconi received the first trans-atlantic radio signal ( I believe it was for a deep pan pepperoni with extra cheese, but I might be wrong). Anyway, nice to be here because I also visited Goonhilly Down in Cornwall which is where the first trans-atlantic radio signal was sent from . When you think about it, it was very fortunate that just as the first message was sent, somebody was waiting for it at the other end. I suppose they gave him a ring to let him know it was coming.
10/15 Lighthouse
This one has been moved back from the edge and rebuilt (due to coastal errosion). There are LOADS of lighthouses in New England and I saw a lot of them. All immaculate, all with fabulous views ( but all have the same big light at the top feature). Most are free to tour. Take the kids, tell 'em its Disney East Coast.
13 Bikes
Hmm yes. Well see above. But they are great looking bikes all the same.
14 This was the bait
There was a Parks Ranger on the beach here so I stopped and chatted. He was English. Just seemed odd at the time.
16 - 20 Plimoth
Driving from Boston to Cape Cod, Plimoth is on the way. It is claimed to be the point at which the pilgrim fathers first landed on the USA and the settlement re-creates how it really was. Recently, there was a TV program made here (for the UK) where some people lived as it really was.In the first winter the settlers almost starved to death. By the way, at Plimoth they all talk in the old toungue too. Well worth a visit. PS: How is it that they sailed from Plymouth and by the time they arrived, it was called Plimoth, and the pavement was 'the sidewalk', and the rubbish was 'the trash', and colour was 'color' and....


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