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1 - Nr Mt Washington
2 - Mt Washinton Hotel
3 - North Conway
4 - North Conway
5 - North Conway
6 - Scenic Railroad
7 - Scenic Railroad
8 - Scenic Railroad
9 - Scenic Railroad
10 - Scenic Railroad
11 - Cog Railway
12 - Cog Railway
13 - Cog Railway
14 - Cog Railway
15 - Cog Railway
16 - Me on a
17 - View over Conway
18 - Cog Railway
19 - Top of
Mt Washington
20 - Top of
Mt Washington

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1 Mt Washington Hotel
If you look at my Woodstock page you will find the photos that I took there, before driving on to North Conway. This Hotel has been used in many films and as a meeting place for many major political events. The setting is just amazing.
3 - 5 Main Street, North Conway
So this is North Conway. What makes it special (apart from the scenery) is that the whole town is full of factory outlets. You name the brand and it is there. No taxes, low prices. SPEND! It may look empty in the photo but that is just good US planning - there are small lots of twenty or so outlets up and down Main Street and on a few other roads too.
5 To the station...
But Conway has more than just shops, it is the home of the scenic railway. I arrived a week before 'high season', which was a shame because in high season a train ride can be taken over some three hours with a full meal on board. As it was I went on the short one hour hop.
6 - 10 The Scenic Railroad
Yup! All that was missing was Jesse James. A gen-u-ine old railroad. All aboard for yet more great sight seeing. There is also another railway close by, the railroad to the moon.
11 - 15/18 The Cog Railway
When this railroad (up Mt Washington) was proposed the condition was that no part should touch the ground, hence the whole thing is built in a trestle. It was considered impossible at that time and so the license that was granted allowed the railroad to extend to the moon. The railroad is one  long toothed rail in the middle, and the train has a huge cog that meshes into the rail. With this (and steam power) it ratchets up the mountain. What they don't tell you is that as it goes up , the open carriages fill with smoke and ash from the engine - but its fun. The boiler has to be angled (photo 11) because in many parts the angle of the train is more than 45 degrees - you can stand up an lean forward almost to the ground and not fall over - most odd, like a Saturday night without the ale. In photo 14 you can see just how far up, it is; that thin white line is the railway.
16/17 Another Mountain
I forget the name of this one, but it is in Conway, and again, look at the view.
19/20 Top of the World Ma
Well the top of Mt Washington anyway. It was not until I got there that I found out there was a (toll) road way up also - I could have driven. But there I am, on top again. People ask, "Mike, why did you do it ?". Well, it was summat to do. ( Read the sign, doh).


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