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1 - Lost River
2 - Lost River
3 - Lost River
4 - Lost River
5 - Lost River
6 - Kancamgus Highway
7 - Kancamgus Highway
8 - Kancamgus Highway
9 - Kancamgus Highway
10 - Kansamgus Highway
11 - Kancamgus Highway
12 - Covered Bridge
13 - Kancamgus Highway
14 - Kancamgus Highway
15 - Kansamgus Highway
16 - Clark's
Trading Post
17 - Clark's
Trading Post
18 - The Castle
in the clouds
19 - The Castle
in the clouds
20 - The Castle
in the clouds
breeze When I planned my first visit to the White Mountains I chose Woodstock because of its position on a map - it looks to be right in the middle of the region and therefore a perfect base for exploration. The good news it, that it is, perfect. (No its not that Woodstock, that one is in New York State). It was the Woodstock chamber of commerce (the best place to find local info for any US destintation), that put me on the 'Autumn Breeze'.When I arrived I took one look and almost drove on by. and what a mistake that would have been. Do not be mis-led by appearances, Autumn Breeze offers friendly, spotlessly clean rooms. Each has a small kitchen area, and the prices are really good. Right next door is a garage/mini market, and a couple of hundred yards stroll takes you to two excellent cafes (great for breakfast)and a more up market restaurant ( I treated myself to a meal there, well worth it). I have stayed there since and I would do so again. From here you are within easy reach of all that there is in The White Mountains, and there is a lot. Take a walk in the woods, who knows, you may bump into Bill Bryson. From time to time the Autumn Breeze web-site is down, but if you plan to visit, send an e-mail or call Darryl. You will not be disappointed (but if the tick from the clock on the wall sends you mad, do what I do and remove the battery). Click on the card above to visit Autumn Breeze ( Tell 'em I sent you).

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1 - 5 The Lost River
There are lots of places like this in the White Mountains, often called Flumes or Notches. All are worth seeing, if you have time. Photo 4 is actually the Franconia Notch, not The Lost River. Generally, I have found all US tourists attractions splotlessly clean, well organized and cheap (often free of charge).
6 - 15 The Kancamagus Highway
On the map this is route 112 and connects Woodstock to Conway. I have driven it half a dozen times, taking it easy it takes say an hour at most, and would love to drive it again. It offers some of the most beautiful sights you may ever see. There are many 'scenic overviews' which are areas created so that you can park up and just look. One time I was studying for my degree, and I sat at the location in photo 7, studying my mathematics text books.
12 Covered Bridge
A New England feature, this ine is at the Conway end of The Kancamagus Highway, and yet another hire car parked on the left..
13 Open road
Just look ! Don't you want to be there ? Roads like this, blue skies, wonderfull
16/17 Clark's Trading Post
Bit of a tourist trap, but 5 mins away from Woodstock and great fun. The train ride takes in yet more great scenery. The gentleman in photo 17 emerges from the woods from time to time to 'attack' the train. That car is, I understand, the very latest model from General Motors, to take on the European market for small soft tops. I especially like the machine gun on the top - could be handy for taking out GATSOs (speed cameras if you are not from these parts).
18 20 The Castle in the Clouds
Another one of those 'shall I / shan't I' go moments, then so glad that I did. It was an (unsually) wet day, and the Castle was a good hour and a half drive from Woodstock, but I went. Some rich guy built it years ago and many Presidents have stayed there. When I went it had been hired for a wedding by another rich guy ( but the all looked like The Sopranos to me)
My White Mountains page carries on from here - it is about the places at the other end of The Kancamagus Highway ; North Conway, The Conway Railroad, Mount Washington, The Cog Railway.

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