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1 - The desert
2 - The desert
3 - Saguaro Cactus
4 - Fountain Hills
5 - Sundial
6 - Sundial Plaza
7 - General Stores
8 - PGA Club
9 - ..around
10 - .. and around
11 -Homes
12 -Homes

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3 Saguaro
The cactus is called a Saguaro. they start out as one upright plant. As they begin to lean a shoot is formed which grows to make the plant upright again. As that shoot grows the plant leans the other way and so another balancing shoot grows, and so on. Every plant is protected and developers must preserve all such plants on any land they build on. There was a plot of prime land (near Scotsdale) that had a lot of Cacti on it - too many for the cost of development. Very mysteriously a fire wiped them all out and the developer was able to build without a problem. What amazing luck!
4 Fountain Hills
The fountain at Fountain Hils. It fires every half hour.
5/6 Sundial Plaza
A few minutes North of Scottsdale to this jumble of shops and craft stores.
8 PGA Club
The second photo in on the bottom row was at the PGA Golf club in Phoenix. To the right is Maren and son Bryan is at back centre.
11/12 Arizona Houses
In the house photos you can see from the sky that it also rains in Phoenix. These are typical of the homes that are built there, but all is not quite as it seems. Most houses are built as big wooden frames, totally wood, with walls about two feet thick, and hollow. Insulation is put in the gap and the outside is finished with a sprayed on coating, such that the finished job is hard to tell from real stone and plaster. Some of the VERY expensive homes are made from brick and stone. There are many hills around Phoenix, and one sign of wealth is how far up a hill you live - I don't mean a hill in the sense of an English street with a slope; no, these are homes carved out of the very face of hills and cliffs.


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