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I spent three weeks in Arizona, staying at the home of my friends, Bruce and Maren,whose winter home is in Scottsdale. I have so many photos of that visit which include The Grand Canyon, Tombstone and Cabo San Lucas, that I have split them up into smaller pages to ease download time. The flag for Arizona, The Lone Star State, is shown at top right. Arizonans are very pround of both their flags.

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scot3 Old Scottsdale
Phoenix is a desert city, but it is the greenery of the place that hits you most, indeed there is so much green now that the ecology of the region has been changed. This part is 'Old Scottsdale', a suberb of Phoenix, but the city looks like it has some very expensive real estate indeed.
dst1 Around Phoenix
Just imagine. Your car breaks down. You step out into 120 degrees plus heat. You head for those mountains. When you get there you find no water, no shade, just another a view the same as this one, so you head for the next mountain, and then if you make it, maybe the next.They may find your bones one day. The desert just goes on, and on. It really is awesome. There are also pictures here of various places around Phoenix.
ftown3 Frontier Town
Okay, this is a bit of a tourist trap, reconstructed how it was, but the real Sheriff here is the same real Arizona Sheriff that puts cons in tents in the desert, and he takes no sh** !.
gw4 Greasewood Flats
Lets get this straight, no tour bus will take you to this place. Down a desert track - no road - and you reach a circle of open wagons, full of beer bottles. Re-cycling ? Er no, its where you toss your bottle when its empty. This is a Hells Angels run place where you sink a beer and a burger and just listen to the music. No trouble at all, just a bit of fun.
raw2 Rawhide
Another reconstruction but perfect in detail and free to enter (yup, free). A taste of the old West with a regular gun-fight and all kinds of stuff going on. Its about five minutes North of Scottsdale.
sg3 Lake Saguaro
As water became a problem in Phoenix, so a number of canyons were damned up and water fed in from the Colorado. Now you can cruise on a paddle boat along 'desert' canyons. Again, hard to find if you don't know about it, but what a great find if you do. I also think the photo on the left is possibly the best photo I have ever taken.
fc The Posh trip
You can just make out the First Class logo on the wall. Well hey - I had travelled many miles with Granada and racked up a lot of Air Miles, so this was a freeby trip, no business, but I did squeeze in a visit to Microchip at their Chandler HQ - they make microchips.( If you really must you can click on this picture for an even bigger view of the First Class Desk at Phoenix Airport).


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