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French border
1-Spain to France
2 - Marseille
St Aubuns
3 - St Aubin
St Tropez
4 - St Tropez
5 - Antibes
Chateau 1
6 - Chateaux B
Chateau 2
7 - Chateaux B
Lugano 5
8 - Lugano
Lugano 2
9 - Lugano
Lugano 3
10 - Lugano
Swiss 2
11 - Switzerland
12 - Buochs
13 - Zurich
Swiss 1
14 -St Gotthard
15 - Paris
Jersey 4
16 - La Place
Jersey 2
17 - Jersey
Jersey 3
18 - St Ouen
Jersey 1
19 - Jersey
Jersey 5
20 - Jersey

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1 Spain-France border
I had driven through Spain on my tour in 1992. This was my first sight of France as I reached the border. I then had a week to travel along the coast to Milan. It was a very pleasant week.
2 - 5 The French Riviera
My journey took me though Marseille which was much easier to navigate through than the map seemed to suggest. I was headed for Antibes, having been unable to find a Hotel in Cannes - well it was a business trip. Along the way I stayed over-night at St Aubin, a really nice small hotel. The day I hit St Tropez was wet (!!!), but at least I made it to the harbour.In photo 4 you can just see a coastal road, and this was my route along the riviera. I crossed into Italy, staying in Milan, and from Milan, on easter bank holiday, I set out for Switzerland.
6/7 Chateaux Bellinglese
Located about 30 miles North of Paris, I did not stay here during my '92 tour. I was here for a sales confernence as were all the managers of the countries we operated in. A coach took us to Paris and The Follies. I will never forget the spectacle of a dozen or so techies admiring the way the stage and the sets were controlled. Scantily dressed ladies ? You mean there were some ? I will also not forget a certain techie drinking champagne out of the purchasing manager's shoe as we went back to the chateaux in the coach.
8 - 10 Lugano (Switzerland)
Luckily, I found a Hotel on the shores of the lake, and stayed there a couple of days. In the bar one evening I fancied a coffee and it was a real pleasure to be served a good old English 'milky coffee'. It turned out that the bar manageress was English, and was only too happy to chat. The tree in photo 8 was something I had not seen before, but I was told it was a custom to have an egg tree at Easter.
11 - 13 Switzerland
Still, I had to leave Lugano and travel on through the vast wilderness that is Switzerland, for a meeting in Zurich. I took a halfway break at a place called Buochs, just one night, which again, was very pleasant. Next day I was in Zurich for my meeting. Business always spoils things.
14 St Gotthard Pass
I waslooking forward to driving the St Gotthard Pass, but it was still closed due to heavy snow, and so I was forced to take the tunnel. Leaving Switzerland, I was headed for Germany and another meeting. After Germany it North to Holland and then back across to France for the final call - my ferry was booked from Caen to Portsmouth for my return.
15 Paris
Near the end of my three week tour, and I was back in Paris. After a brief presentation it was on to Caen and the ferry home. When we docked the Police pulled me from the queue and told me to call my wife and get going. Damn, I only had 200 cigarettes. It turned out that because I did not call home on the last day, my wife called the French Office. They said I was not there. The Hotel said I was not there, and the Ferry said I was not listed ( because my car had computers in the boot I was on the cargo/lorry manifest, not as a passengar car). So I was MIA.
16 - 20 Jersey
A few years later My wife and I went for a long week-end to Jersey, staying at the hotel 'La Place', which is near St Ouen. We found Jersey very nice and easy to drive around, and I think we manged to cover most of it during our stay.


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