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Niagara Falls (and Canada)

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1 - View from
Skylon Tower
2 - The Falls
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3 - Me
4 - The Falls
5 - The Falls
6 - The Maid
of the Mists
7 - Under The Falls
8 - Wet Me
9 - The boat
10 - The Falls
11 - The Falls
12 - Look, I'm dry!
13 - Skylon Tower
14 - The Falls
15 - The Falls
16 - From Skylon
17 - From Skylon
18 - Top of Skylon
19 - Superman
was filmed here
20 - Red Bus
A lot of the photos are labelled 'The Falls'. What else could I put ? Going to Niagara was part of a fly-drive that I planned. I landed at Boston and drove to Little Falls in New York State where I stayed a night before going on to Niagara the next day. The trip could be done easily in one day. After Niagara I drove back through the Airdronacks, The Green Mountains, The White Mountains, then onto Maine and Bar Harbor. From Maine I went back down to Boston and home.

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1 My Hotel
I drove across from Boston - this trip was one I had to pay for. When I arrived it rained like I have never seen rain before. In Gibraltar I have driven in floods up to 3 feet deep, but that was nothing to the rain here. And then the sun came out.
2 - 5 Near the hotel
These photos were all taken within a few hundred yards of my (well chosen) hotel. I was advised that an over-night was all that i needed to see the Falls. It was good advice, but they are worth seeing. As I took photo 5 a sad thought occured to me (as I was studying maths that year), and I found myself calculating the river depth, flow and hence gallons going over the Falls. How very, very sad.
6 - 10 The Maid of the Mists
Well they give you the plastic coat and off you go. You get wet, but it is the only way to really see the falls. Do it ! Diving from the boat is not allowed, nor is water ski-ing.
13 Skylon Tower
This is in Canada, so across the border we go. A very fast lift takes you up to the top for amazing views of the falls. This phto was taken from the American side.
16 - 20 Canada
From the Canadian side the views are even better. Photo 19 is the stretch seen in Superman (you know when somebody falls in and he saves them). As for photo 20. Well now you know why you can never catch a bus in London - they've all been flogged to Canada. My uncle saw a sign once that read "Drink Canada dry", so he emigrated. He liked a drink did my uncle.


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