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1 - Bedford NH
2 - Bedford NH
3 - Bedford NH
4 - Little Falls NY
5 - Little Falls NY
6 - Little Falls NY
7 - Little Falls NY
8 - New England
9 - The Fall
10 - The Fall
11 - The Fall
12 - The Fall
13 - The Fall
Long before I ever visited America I had a picture in my mind of what 'smalltown America' would look like. My image was created from the books that I read, from TV programmes and films - a Hollywood image if you like. I read a lot of Stephen King ( but not his fantasy books), Brendan Dubois who writes thrillers mostly set in New England, and Bill Bryson whose New England I have explored many times. All of these writers are New England residents, King in Bangor Maine, Bryson and Dubois in New Hampshire. During my journeys I found that my idea of smalltown America really does exist. Camden, Maine where you can leave you car unlocked, in safety, Little Falls (in New York State), and Bedford New Hampshire - in any one of these you might wait to see if a certain De Lorrean drives by at 88 mph.

This page is really parts of a 'set' that includes Boston | Niagara | Maine | Cape Cod | Woodstock and the White Mountains

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1 - 3 Bedford NH
Photo 2 could be just about any of my favourite fishing spots (in Berkshire, England), but there it is, in New Hampshire - in the town my good friend David grew up in. As for photos 1 and 3, just look at them, it doesn't get more apple pie than that.
4 - 7 Little Falls, NY
On my way from Boston to Niagara I stayed a night here, chosen because it was halfway. I knew I would like it when I sat down in the hotel restaurant and the pictures on the wall were the same as I have at home (Ansell Adams). That old building in photo 7 could hide any of the horrors in a Stepehen King book, and is photo 6 the lair of some other nasty thing ? The building you can just see on the left in photo 4 is, I was told, the bank, and owns just about all of Little Falls, one way or another. It was Little Falls and Bedford that gave me the start to my story ' Red and Me'.
8 Churches in NE
There are hundreds, maybe thousands, like this one - no trip to NE is complete without a photo of a church (and a lighthouse), and a mouthfull (or ten) of fresh Maine lobster.
9 - 13 The Fall
I am lucky in tha I have seen NE in all seasons and this of course is, The Fall. This is Camden ( Mel Gibson made a film here), and is all part of my image of America, away from the big cities and vast malls.


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